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Partial Map of Fron by AndrewScrolls Partial Map of Fron by AndrewScrolls
===== AZFASHON =====
Composed by Harloh, Forloh, and Trinaso, Azfashon is the single most important country in all of Fron. Known for its great and fearful beast men, and "Hoshes" (Water spirits that take the form of winged horses), Azfashon is said to be from where the entire world was created from, the center of the entire universe, great flows of Yarno energy are present all around this particular location, said to be the leftovers from the great summoning that happened 50.000 years ago shortly after the creation of the universe, and during the times of primordial formation.

No one dared attack Azfashon, they knew that their attacks would be fruitless, and would bring about more consequences than any sort of advantages, this is why the other countries concentrated their efforts into defense, rather then offensive power.

===== YORNOS =====
Their land is filled with gigantic towers, their architecture is focused on height, and also in a very defensive way, which is what earned them the title of "Tower knights" during the last world war. Their towers were so strong and prominent, that it took several concentrated Yarno energy blasts to take a single one of them down. Even today, their towers grow stronger and higher by the year.

While Azfashon architecture is more simple, and more relatable to the medival ages type of architecture, strong defensive castles, they were known for their great warlocks who summoned great beasts and engulfed entire villages in fire, their power is highly concentrated on the arts of the Yarno energy and the manipulation of its flow

Yornos was the only one that was able to match their defensive level to Azfashon's offensive level, effectively negating each other.

===== TASHO =====
Controled by the people of Yornos, this small island is where Yarno energy is researched by a team of selected scientists from Yornos. Protected by the most recent tehcnological breakthroughs, Tasho is the most important site for Yornos, its their one hope that one day, the research will bear fruit, and Yorno will finally be able to retaliate against Azfashon's powerful army.
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XianPryde Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
For the Cartography Guild, this should be submitted to the "Regional" or "World" folders, not the "Resources" folder. Good job with the map.
AndrewScrolls Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
That's true! but I can't do anything, that's the Guild's admins bussiness d: btw thank you :D
XianPryde Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
When you submit the map, you should be able to choose the folder to submit to. The reason "Resources" comes up often is that it's the default. You just need to change it when you submit.
AndrewScrolls Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
Ahhh okay thank you! It's all done :)
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